Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

We had such a fun Halloween this year! River dressed up as Captain Underpants and left super early so I wasn't able to get a picture of him...not that he would let me any way!! Ryker was a crazy Utes fan and went trick or treating with his friends. Ridger was a Yankee baseball player...Jeter to be exact. He was so excited to ride his electric scooter trick or treating. A bunch of his cute school friends asked him to go with them, but he wanted to go on his scooter fast, so thats what he did! He did our entire neighborhood and the road below us in record time! Reagan dressed up as the cutest little pirate! She was so aorable and said trick or treat at every door and "thank you"! She thought that was about the coolest thing she had ever done! So here's to another great bring on the HOLIDAYS!!!

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Unknown said...

My husband goodled our last name because he was looking for family. I found your blog and it floored me. We have a Rylee, Reagan and Ryker Schenck! Reagan is 10, Ryker is 6 and Rylee is 1. He has a large amount of relatives that are primarily from the Illinois area.

I realize this blog hasn't been updated recently but thought I would reach out anyway because it is so crazy.

Rachel & Chad Schenck
Houston, TX